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Man with boutonniere on suit

How to wear boutonnieres and corsages

Wait – what is a boutonniere?

The boutonniere is the miniature floral decoration that men wear pinned to their tuxedo to accessorize their look. Boutonnieres from Twiggage & Bloom garden and studio have been designed to complement the design style and palette of the wedding flowers, in essence a mini bouquet!

Twiggage & Bloom Boutonnieres

Where to pin the boutonniere

The boutonniere is worn on the left side, close to the heart. On a suit, it is centred on the lapel, with the flowers facing up, and the stems parallel to the angle of the lapel. No suit?…no problem: it can be placed in a pocket, pinned on a shirt, or on suspenders. 

Note: It is much easier to have a second person pin it on for you!

Hands pinning a boutonniere on a man in a suit

How to pin your boutonniere

  1. The boutonniere will have two pins provided. Remove the pins, and position the boutonniere on the lapel.
  2. Holding the boutonniere in position, flip over the lapel. On the backside, carefully insert one pin through the fabric, through the stems, and back through the fabric on a diagonal.
  3. Repeat the pinning process with a second pin at the opposite diagonal resulting in an ‘X’. This will secure your boutonniere through ceremony vows, hugs & kisses, and dancing the night away!
  4. The two pins will be carefully nestled between the lapel and the suit, and no one will be at risk of being accidentally jabbed.

What is the difference between a boutonniere and a corsage?

While both are miniature floral arrangements, a boutonniere is typically worn by a man attached to the left lapel, and a corsage is worn by a woman, either on the left of the dress or attached to the wrist. 

Boutonniere & corsage example

How do I wear a corsage?

There are two options for corsages.

A pin-on corsage is worn on the left side, close to the heart, approximately 4 inches down from the shoulder with the flowers facing up, and the stems pointing down. The magnetic name-tag style clasp is easy to use and keeps your fabric flawless. Plus, the corsage stays in position during all the hugging & kissing, and clapping & dancing! It’s easy to put on either by yourself or have someone else pin it on for you. 

Alternatively, a wrist corsage is worn on the left wrist. It is designed with a lightweight, adjustable strap to complement your outfit and will also stay in position during all your wedding activities.

How to attach your corsage

  1. Disconnect the backing magnet.
  2. Hold the corsage in position with one hand.
  3. Place the backing magnet on the back of the fabric with your other hand.
  4. Please note: due to the magnet, it is not recommended for individuals who have a pacemaker

Alternatives to magnetic corsages

If you are unable to wear a magnetic corsage, or would prefer not to wear one, we suggest that you order a wrist corsage or a corsage that may be attached with pins. 

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