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Wedding Flower Trends for 2024


We’re thrilled to see so much creativity going into how to throw a big bash without stomping on the planet. That means couples choose to factor in ‘happily ever after’ starting on their wedding day. This may include fresh, local, and flowers that are in season.

Arrangement of flowers laid on the ground in a circle for a bridal couple


Savvy couples are placing a lot of intention on how to make their wedding day meaningful. This may include choosing a date and time that has numerical significance, choosing a place or rituals (from a myriad of cultures) that has personal meaning, to making it their own. Flowers continue to be front and center in the symbolism of celebrating unions.

Inclusive and Dynamic

It’s fascinating to see how cultures around the world celebrate weddings, and so fun to see the fusion of those rituals. Whether it’s in the halls of a traditional church or a sacred circle drawn in the sand, two folks say “I do”, and celebrate that love with friends and family. It’s no surprise that flowers contribute to that day, as they have the world over. No longer reduced to simple table centrepieces, flowers appear in swags, clouds, meadows, nests, cascades, and garlands. Imagine how flowers could frame the space, and we take care of the logistics to make the floral magic happen.

Floral designer Alexandra Richards installs floral garlands on a wooden arch

Experiential and Entertaining

In a post-isolation world, with daily virtual screen experiences, couples want to have a moment beyond everyday life. They want to show their guests a good time. Great food and dance are the classics, but how about live entertainment (synchronized swimmers!) or midnight snack surprises. Here, the flowers play a role as well with spectacular displays of a decorated arbour or arch. Flowers contribute a vibe that transcends the couple and guests from everyday life.

Flower crown: Flowers arranged and shaped into a circlet to wear on the head.

Make it Special

Wedding party personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, floral crowns, and corsages) remain but expand into riffs such as pocket boutonnieres, and floral collars for Fido. Flower bling is a great way to decorate those who are most significant on the wedding day.

Row of brightly coloured flower bouquets


As trends come and go, the wedding colour themes sway and subsequently so do the choice of blooms. However, we see there’s a reason why white and green and the favourite neutrals (pastels) are both called classics. They convey a message of purity and freshness. But hang on because in 2024, here comes the bright and bold – fully saturated and popping with colour! They bring an energy of vivaciousness and a ‘permission slip’ to celebrate! At Twiggage & Bloom we offer four simple colour themes: 

  • Field & Forest: greens and texture
  • Muted Pastels: soft and delicate
  • Berries & Burgundy: rich and mood
  • Jewel Tones: bright and cheery

Then we select the perfect blooms for your chosen colour scheme that are in season and looking their best. 


We won’t bore you with the nerdy studies of the benefits of flowers on brain chemistry (dopamine, etc.). We won’t deep dive into the complexity of why humans and insects can tell the difference between real and artificial flowers. We won’t even get too ‘woo’ on the ultraviolet spectrum and vibrational frequency of flowers. We’ll just tell you that locally grown, seasonal, fresh flowers have a great vibe. Because of this, we love to pick what’s fresh and best and make floral magic just for you.

Table decorated with candles and flowers

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