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How to Make a Standard Bouquet: our Foolproof Recipe

There’s an abundance of blooms to choose from the cutting garden at this time of year. Here at Twiggage & Bloom we’ve created a fool-proof recipe for a standard 15 stem bouquet. The secret is all about texture; you choose the colours (monochrome, contrasting, etc.) for a winning bouquet every time.

Autumn flowers

Important tips for long lasting bouquet

For best results:

  • harvest in morning or evening
  • use sharp, clean snips
  • let the flowers have a deep, cold drink in the dark 

Recipe for a balanced and beautiful bouquet

For a 15 stem bouquet, you’ll need:


1 mason jar or vase


1 stem big, bossy bloom:

~dahlia, sunflower, mum, or Black-eyed Susan

2 stems twinkly blooms:

~snapdragons, grasses, phlox, or celosia

3 stems twiggage (foliage):

~herbs, or shrubs

4 stems sparkly blooms:

~amaranth, aster, dill, sedum, or hydrangea

5 stems sunny-faced, 

medium sized blooms:

~small dahlia, marigold, rudbeckia, or zinnia

How to assemble your bouquet:

*Top Tip: blooms should be 1.5 – 2x the height of vase

  • remove all lower leaves
  • cut stems at 45° angle
  • arrange 3 twiggage, crossed for structure
  • fill in 5 sun-faced stems for body
  • add 1 bossy bloom for impact
  • add 4 sparkly stems for filler
  • garnish with 2 twinkly blooms
  • place out of direct sunlight & drafts
  • refresh water and re-trim every 2 days

For a home made flower food recipe, read our post here.

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