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Dried Flower Wreath - Terracotta

How to Make a Dried Flower Wreath

Here at Twiggage & Bloom micro flower farm, we’ve been selectively drying the sweetest blooms over the summer to provide you with this simple craft project: Dried Flower Wreath Kits! We found the loveliest ribbons and curated 3 colour options that will look fab with any home or office decor. 

Terracotta Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Dried Flower Wreath - Terracotta

Champagne Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Dried Flower Wreath - Champagne colour scheme

Moss Dried Flower Wreath Kit

Dried Flower Wreath Kit in Moss colour scheme

How to make a dried flower wreath with our handy DIY kits


  • One 10″ bamboo wreath frame
  • a selection of everlasting flowers & twiggage
  • ribbon
  • bindwire (tip: snip the spooled wire at each loop end = 18 twist ties!)

Dried flowers for wreath


  • workspace (to be able to be creative and a little messy!)
  • scissors 
  • glue (hot glue gun, craft/paper glue)
  • tunes and snacks
  • this project can be completed in 1 hour


1. Set aside blooms that don’t have stems.
2. Use a mix of dried materials to make bundles, a nice combination is:

  • 2 stems twiggage and foliage
  • 2 stems clustered small flowers
  • 1 stem big, bossy flower

Small bundles of mixed dried flowers

3. For a full wreath make up to 18 bundles. For an asymetrical wreath make 12 bundles.

4. Tie the bundles using bindwire ‘twist ties’, leaving the ‘tails’ long.

5. Attach the first bundle to the wreath frame, using the bindwire ‘tails’ but be GENTLE; these dried flowers are delicate!

6. Attach the next bundle by overlapping the first bundle for a clean, lush look.

Asymmetrical dried flower wreath

7. Repeat with remaining bundles.

8. Glue on reserved blooms.

9. Attach ribbon.

10. Hang indoors, out of direct sunlight.

Full Frame Dried flower wreath
Full dried flower wreath

Our DIY kits make great gifts!

  • Easy craft for all ages, supervise children.
  • Dried flower wreaths will last one year if displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight.


Don’t forget to tag us with your finished wreath! #twiggageandbloom

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