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Weekly flowers arranged just for you...

For Serious Flower Lovers… 

Do you dream of having a lush, fragrant bouquet for your entryway, to welcome you home the right way and make you feel like a Queen in your own home? A sumptuous bouquet for your dinner table, to make every meal more abundant? Or for the truly decadent among us, a straight-from-the-garden romantic arrangement for your bedside table, to make every morning special?

Yeah, we get it. 

But now, you can – and even better, it’s effortless! 

Join the Flower Club

Membership in Flower Club gets you a whole season of fresh, picked just-for-you blooms, every week. By paying for your flowers in advance, you are helping support the viability of our small farm and sharing the upfront costs of growing our beautiful flowers. That extra help means we can choose the most fragrant, lush, make-you-weak-in-the-knees varieties out there – and share them with you! 

It’s good for the planet!

Twiggage and Bloom flowers are grown without chemicals, using planet-friendly farming practices for the good health of our customers, our family and the plants, animals and insects that share our little piece of Earth. 


2024 Flower Club CSA Bouquets

Spring Season (7 weeks: mid May – end of June)
$195.00 + tax

Summer Season (7 weeks: early July – mid-August)
$195.00 + tax

Fall Season (7 weeks: late August -mid October)
$195.00 + tax

3 Season Bundle (21 weeks: mid-May – mid October)
10% discount = $526.50 + tax, plus FREE BONUS GIFT of a contemporary vase if purchased before April 30, 2024.

Where do I pick up my bouquet?

 The pick up location is in downtown Mission. 

Questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

P.S. Flower Club also makes an AMAZING gift. 

Sound good?

Click the button below to be taken to our online store. Please note that Flower Club Memberships are LIMITED – we are a small farm with limited growing space.

Flower Club bouquets
White bouquet
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